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Design Engineer

Design Engineer
Job Description

TeamGlobal is searching for a Design Engineer that is located in Palmdale CA. This position designs major components, or major portions of a an aerospace vehicle systems (electrical or fluid) installation. Insurance and TG Rewards are available with every position. Inquire below and a recruiter will contact you with more information.

    • Essential Job Functions:
    • Develop or improve products and facilitate manufacturing operations.
    • Develops basic data and makes preliminary layouts, sketches, and notes necessary to present design proposal.
    • Investigates pertinent design factors such as ease of manufacture, availability of materials and equipment, interchangeability, replaceability, strength-weight efficiency, and contractual specification requirements and cost.
    • Coordinates with other organizations affected by design development.
    • Makes layouts of assemblies and details parts of electrical, fuel, hydraulic, ECS, or other equipment installations including wire harnesses, tubing/ducting and related components.
    • Checks completed layouts and drawings for clarity, completeness, conformity to standards, procedures, specifications, and accuracy of calculations and dimensioning.
    • Identifies design errors, omissions, and other deficiencies, and recommends revisions and/or improvements in design layout to responsible engineers or designers.
    • Work performed will focus on implementing systems design including 3D installation models, including layout, design, and drafting of associated brackets and support clamps.
    • Desired Skills:
    • CATIA V5
    • Experience with 3D functional tolerance and annotation
    • Experience reading and interpreting systems diagrams to implement as installations
    • Candidates for electrical design must be familiar with electrical harness components sufficient to perform installation work. Examples include: connectors, backshells, clamps, splices, and terminals.
    • Helpful if the candidate is familiar with Capital Logic and Capital Topology toolsets.
    • Must have experience in electrical harness design OR hydraulic/fuel/ECS design

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