Aircraft Component Repair Technician III

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Aircraft Component Repair Technician III

Cahokia, IL

Sheetmetal Mechanic
Job Description

TeamGlobal has an exciting opportunity near St Louis in Cahokia, Illinois for an Aircraft Component Repair Technician III. Repair and overhaul internal and external aircraft assemblies, subassemblies and components in accordance with Repair Station requirements. Inquire today... a recruiter will contact you with additional details on this position and our available benefits!

    • Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities:
    • Apply advanced skills in administration and use of procedures, techniques, tools, materials and/or equipment, as appropriate to area of specialization.
    • Independently perform repairs of mechanical and electrical assemblies and subassemblies through removals, repair or replacement of defective parts and/or fabrication of replacement parts, and installations in accordance with blueprints, component maintenance manuals, vendor documents, verbal instructions, engineering dispositions, and other authorized maintenance data. All activities to be in accordance with Repair Station requirements ensuring all parts and assemblies meet conformance.
    • Set up and operate necessary test equipment in accordance with required documentation to perform functional and operational tests of mechanical and electrical aircraft components for return to service.
    • Inspect all detail parts using blueprints, component and/or overhaul manuals and other required maintenance data to ensure conformity requirements are met.
    • Remove skins and related components on flight controls and secondary structure components, locate and install/reinstall parts.
    • Demonstrate expertise and efficiency in repair techniques using acceptable practices including troubleshooting, soldering and application of protective coatings.
    • Demonstrate expertise in use, maintenance, and calibration requirements of precision measuring and inspection tools such as, but not limited to, micrometers, calipers, bore gauges, multimeters, watt meters, spectrum analyzers, and borescopes
    • Demonstrate expertise in the flow of materials and work order processes within the repair station.
    • Maintain and utilize all required paperwork in accordance with FAA Repair Station requirements.
    • Maintain a clean and orderly work area.
    • Comply with all company and legislative environmental health and safety regulations.
    • Lay-out, remove, fabricate and/or install major and minor repairs to flight controls and other secondary structure components using honeycomb core sandwich construction techniques, composite repair techniques, test bench procedures, hydraulic press procedures, and servicing carts.
    • Fabricate and repair sheet metal and associated mechanical parts, components and/or equipment by rolling, shrinking, stretching, braking, riveting or other mechanical means.
    • Remove & install APUs and perform all required APU maintenance for ALL Gulfstream aircraft models4. Perform repairs to electronic assemblies and subassemblies by removing and replacing circuit components, either through hole or surface mount, using acceptable soldering and circuit repair techniques.
    • Fabricate and repair wiring and electrical assemblies and harnesses utilizing acceptable repair and fabrication processes including splicing, soldering, and pinning of wires.
    • Assist with training and instructing of other Aircraft Component Repair I and II Techs.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.
    • Required Skills:
    • Able to read/interpret blueprints, engineering documents and use/read precision measuring tools.
    • Proficient in the operation of all tools & equip in the dept. Basic understanding of shop math.
    • Education and Experience Requirements:
    • HS diploma or GED.
    • A&P license, FCC license, or NCATT cert preferred.
    • Minimum 4 yrs experience in one of the following or other related experience: (1) Sheet Metal (2) Hydraulic Overhaul (3) Avionics/Electronic Component Repair (4) APU removal, install, service
    • Accredited schooling in electronics and electronic systems may offset some experience requirements.

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