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A&P Mechanic

Orlando, FL

A&P Mechanic
Job Description

Our client is looking to fill their vacant A&P Mechanic position in Orlando, Florida. Identify and correct malfunctioning jet, turboprop, and reciprocating multi-engine aircraft mechanical components and systems. Perform 100 hour annual and progressive inspections as well as modification work on customer aircraft. Inquire today... a recruiter will contact you with additional details on this position and our available benefits!

    • Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities:
    • Perform a variety of diagnostic and mechanical duties on one or more jet, turboprop, and piston multi-engine aircraft models involving diagnosis of malfunctions and required disassembly, rework, repair, replacement, reassembly or adjustment of various aircraft systems to prepare aircraft mechanically for flight and delivery to customer.
    • Check, correct or replace a variety of complex aircraft assemblies, landing gear systems, air conditioner system, pressurization system, turbocharges, and optional equipment installations.
    • Repair or replace engine components and accessory items such as carburetors, fuel control units, fuel injection system, air bleed system, oil and fuel pumps, starter/generators, and hydraulic and vacuum pumps.
    • Require knowledge of 100 hour, annual and progressive inspection procedures set forth in FAR 43. Perform modification work on aircraft systems and structures. Perform minor upholstery and touch-up type paint work.
    • Responsible for clear, concise and accurate written reports in logs, inspection reports and in parts identification for issue and return documents.
    • Conduct functional checks, engine test runs, instrument tests and alignment, and preventive maintenance on same. Rigging, synchronizing of throttles, and setting the stops.III. May be required to observe operation of mechanical systems during flight and troubleshoot problems for in-shop repairs.
    • Perform duties in a manner consistent with the latest state of the art and highest standards of safety for maintaining aircraft in the most airworthy and reliable condition for the customers' safety.
    • Use tensiometers, micrometers, pressure gauges, dial gauges, vacuum gauges, timing lights, and a variety of hand tools to repair and modify systems or assemblies.
    • Responsible for guiding and instructing 1 or 2 lower classification helpers 50% or more of the time. Performs other related duties as required.
    • Education and Experience Requirements:
    • Equivalent to a high school education plus A&P license.
    • Minimum 3 years of diversified jet, turboprop, piston, modification, 100 hour and annual service experience as an A&P Mechanic.
    • Must have comprehensive knowledge of aircraft mechanical systems.
    • Must be able to obtain and maintain an airport security badge through the local airport authority, if applicable.

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