A&P Mechanic - Corporate Aircraft

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A&P Mechanic - Corporate Aircraft

Cleburne, TX

A&P Mechanic
Job Description

TeamGlobal has an exciting opportunity in Cleburne, Texas for A&P Mechanics with corporate jet experience. Inquire today... a recruiter will contact you with additional details on this position and our available benefits!

    • Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities:
    • Perform regular maintenance on aircraft.
    • Inspect and examine engines, wings, propellers, tails, and other parts to identify cracks, corrosion, or other defects.
    • Inspect hoses and lubricates joints; replace any that show signs of needing repair.
    • Consult maintenance manuals and specifications to identify correct operations and specifications for replacements or repairs.
    • Install new parts to replace or repair defective or recalled parts or to enhance the performance of the aircraft
    • Ensure proper function of engines and operating systems via a variety of tests and tools.
    • Identify and resolve mechanical problems based on visual inspections or reports from pilot or crew.
    • Develop and maintain records of maintenance, repairs, inspections, and any reports related to parts or services.
    • Collaborate, as needed, with other personnel to repair engines and non-instrumental parts.
    • Performs other related duties as assigned.
    • Education and Experience Requirements:
    • High school diploma or equivalent
    • Minimum 3 years experience work on corporate aircraft; preferablyHawker, Citation, or Challenger
    • A&P License
    • Must provide own standard set of tools

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