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Pricing Analyst

Wichita, KS

Analyst (NOC)
Job Description

TeamGlobal is recruiting for a Pricing Analyst for our client in Wichita, KS. This role will oversee the responsibilities of the Pricing Analyst, Pricing Data Base, and Competitive Data Base to include update and review of all pricing/discounts, including recommendations to changes in price and/or pricing policy, and maintenance of price catalog and pricing data base. Matching 401(k), insurance and TG Rewards are available with every position. Inquire below and a recruiter will contact you with more information.

    • Essential Job Functions:
    • Analyzes impact of proposed price/discount or policy changes to determine financial impact of such changes and proposals. Determine changes required based on results of analysis.
    • Oversees update/maintenance of applicable pricing data bases to assure accurate and current data is maintained to allow for development of viable pricing proposals.
    • Develops proposals for sale of inventories including slow-moving, excess, special promotions, sale packages, and competitive offerings to increase sales and market share and reduce inventory levels.
    • Analyzes gross margins and market share by product line and recommends changes to improve both.
    • Based on vendor price changes/policies, proposes changes by vendor and/or determines alternate/competitive suppliers.
    • Analyzes manufacturing pricing on details vs assemblies, manufactured purchased parts, left vs right, and similar products to assure correct pricing and cost.
    • Provides direction and assistance to Competitive Data Base Administrator, Pricing Analyst, Pricing Data Base Administrator.
    • Performs other related duties.
    • Education and Experience Requirements:
    • High school or equivalent. Prefer minimum of two-year college education with emphasis in Accounting or Business Administration.
    • Ability to read, understand, and analyze illustrated parts catalogs and other related information.
    • Strong math skills required.
    • Aftermarket Aviation experience preferred.

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