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Data Analytics & Development-SQL Server

Fort worth, TX

Information Technology
Job Description

TeamGlobal is recruiting for a Data Analytics & Development-SQL Server for our client in Fort Worth, TX. This role will drive the work from prototype through to completion and delivery of a minimum viable product or final product so that the business users capture value from the work of the team. Matching 401(k), insurance and TG Rewards are available with every position. Inquire below and a recruiter will contact you with more information.

    • Essential Job Functions:
    • Primary role is member of the F-35 Prognostics & Health Management (PHM) Advanced Analytics Team. The role will have a particular focus on supporting the development of machine learning products by working with stakeholders to understand their business needs, translate them into data problems, and then set the direction of projects to solve those data problems. This individual must drive the work from prototype through to completion and delivery of a minimum viable product or final product so that the business users capture value from the work of the team.
    • Primary responsibility is to advance the F-35 PHM Advanced Analytics capability through a Data Science approach. Support the analytics infrastructure; F-35 Fleet Analytics Search Tool (F-35 FAST), to enable data analysis, data mining, and responsible for maintaining, analyzing, capturing, storing and creating visualizations of large and complex datasets. The engineer will clearly document and define PHM data available for analysis and maintain standards and best practices to ensure the architecture can efficiently support required data growth. Ensure appropriate mechanisms, processes and controls are in place to produce and maintain high quality data relevant to objectives. Ability to utilize knowledge of advanced data science methods, technologies and algorithms to develop, implement and deliver products, services and related systems. The responsibilities of this position include collaboration with business stakeholders to identify business opportunities and requirements to develop associated analytical models that deliver useful, actionable recommendations, or which augment human capabilities in various work settings. The candidate is responsible for modeling complex business and engineering problems, discovering insights and deploying AI capabilities using machine learning and associated feature engineering techniques. Responsibilities also include tracking projects and driving work on them through to completion, as well as implementing best technical practices from the fields of machine learning and software engineering.
    • The candidate will need a combination of business focus, creative thinking, strong analytical and problem solving skills, and programming knowledge to be able to quickly cycle hypotheses through the discovery phase of the project. Excellent communications skills to understand the needs of the business, and to communicate the value of the models built back to the business. Primary tasks include analysis of vast quantities of machine data collected from aircraft. The engineer will develop and support efficient methods of sustaining use cases, methods, visualizations, and processes to grow data available for analysis. The engineer will support analysis processes to mature Air Vehicle PHM isolation and troubleshooting of sub-system fault codes and identify nuisance or correlated diagnostic fault codes to mature system performance.
    • Education and Experience Requirements:
    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, or related field.
    • Experience developing with one of the following languages or tools: Python or Tableau
    • Experience with SQL, Hive, Spark.
    • Previous experience building machine learning models by way of work, projects, courses, etc.
    • Previous experience in applying any of the following machine learning areas to business problems: natural language processing, deep learning, anomaly detection, reinforcement learning.
    • Background in Computer Science preferred
    • Experience manipulating and analyzing complex, high-volume, high-dimensionality data from varying sources
    • Database systems (SQL/NO SQL)
    • Experience with the following: Scripting, Java, C/C++, Matlab, Hive, Pig, Python, SPSS, R, XML, Impala, Flume
    • Demonstrated experience with modern enterprise data architectures (i.e. distributed data architecture)
    • Expertise in Descriptive Statistics and exploratory data analysis
    • Experience in Predictive Analytics
    • Demonstrated experience data quality or validation tasks
    • Experience with or knowledge of data engineering.
    • Experience with or knowledge of AWS.
    • Experience with or expertise in manufacturing and/or engineering processes.
    • Expertise in natural language processing.
    • Expertise in deep learning, especially CNNs, RNNS, LSTMs, and reinforcement learning Story-telling and visualization.
    • Experience with UI/UX and/or human-machine interaction.
    • Experience with SQL, Hive, Spark.
    • F-35 Program Experience
    • Experience with working in a dynamic, diverse team environment
    • Team player with excellent organizational skills
    • Self-starter with strong verbal and written communication skills

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