Avionics Technician

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Avionics Technician

Chesterfield, MO

Avionics Technician
Job Description

Our client is looking to fill their vacant Avionics Technician position near St Louis in Chesterfield, Missouri. Install, test and adjust Avionics equipment such as: radar, radio, pulse, navigation, autopilot, entertainment, instrumentation, electrical and compass systems. Inquire today... a recruiter will contact you with additional details!

    • Essential Job Functions
    • Inspect components of Avionics systems for defects, such as loose connections, frayed wire and for accuracy of assembly/installation.
    • Test Avionics equipment under simulated or actual operating conditions to determine performance and airworthiness using test equipment, such as oscilloscopes, digital meters, counters, and Data Bus Readers.
    • Troubleshoot Avionics systems and equipment to isolate defective components.
    • Install aircraft Avionic systems such as cabin management and entertainment systems, FMS, TCAS, EGPWS, Iridium Phone and High-Speed Data systems in accordance with manufacturer's specifications and Federal Aviation guidelines.
    • Calibrate installed or repaired equipment to prescribed specifications.
    • Accompany flight crew to perform in-flight adjustments and to determine and record required post-flight repair work.
    • Comply with installation and testing of aircraft service bulletins in accordance with manufacturer's documentation.
    • Remove and install interior of aircraft to gain access in order to complete repair or installation.
    • Other duties not specifically covered herein but otherwise assigned.
    • Education and Experience Requirements
    • High School Diploma and/or an apprenticeship gainingknowledge of avionics technology with specific knowledge in the primary avionics systems.
    • Minimum of 1 to 3 year's basic on aircraft avionics maintenance installations. Moderate understanding of general job aspects a plus.
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite. Working knowledge of an MRP (Material Resources Planning) system strongly preferred; Corridor software a plus.
    • Ability to read and interpret blueprints and engineering documentation.
    • Required Skills
    • Skills shall include experience with Pitot-static Tester, ATC-601 Tester, TCAS-201 and NAV, 401 Tester, Multi Meter, Megohmmeter, VOMS, Electric Power Carts.
    • Basic math functions with whole numbers, decimals and fractions and the ability to know how and when to use them.
    • Key competencies related to working with a diverse group of individuals and departments are desirable.
    • Frequent need to give concentrated attention, with one or two senses at a time, where stimuli are changing.
    • Occasional direct and indirect pressure from deadlines, production quotas, accuracy or similar demands.
    • Willing to complete on the job training (OJT) in accordance with FCC Repair Station Manual.
    • Willing to travel domestically and internationally when required

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