A&P Mechanic

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A&P Mechanic

Milwaukee, WI

A&P Mechanic
Job Description

Our client is looking to fill their vacant A&P Mechanic position in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Inquire today... a recruiter will contact you with additional details!

    • Essential Job Functions
    • Performs assembly, disassembly and repairs required in the completion of airframe overhaul,repair or modifications, including but not limited to removal, replacement and repair of parts ofengines, airframes and systems.
    • Responsible for forming A&P maintenance as well as assisting other licensed mechanics with setup and tear down the equipment, tools and supplies used during the repair of customers aircraft.
    • Required to tow and move aircraft during the performance of maintenance duties.
    • Assists in the cleaning of parts and components during the repair and assembly of aircraft.
    • Performs other tasks and duties associated with the service center operation.
    • Education and Experience Requirements
    • Minimum 2 years Experience
    • A&P License required

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