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Propulsion System Inlet Analyst

Fort worth , TX

Propulsion Engineer
Job Description

Looking for a dependable and detail-oriented individual to fill our Propulsion Systems Inlet Analyst job in Fort Worth, TX.  In this role, you will have the opportunity to experience the full lifecycle of the air vehicle. This role will be a member of the Propulsion Systems Integrated Product Team, responsible for the design and analysis of gas turbine engines, inlets, exhausts, heat exchangers and fire protection systems.

    • The Propulsion Systems Inlet Analyst will be part of a team responsible for:
    • Installed engine performance analysis using 1-D thermodynamic cycle models supplied by engine companies
    • 1-D and 3-D analysis of aircraft bays using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and conjugate heat transfer (CHT) tools
    • Balancing engine inlet and exhaust performance across multiple flight conditions
    • Working closely with other teams, participating in design activities for air vehicle level optimization
    • Developing and maintaining supplier relationships to ensure the on-time delivery of technically acceptable components
    • Supporting component-level and subsystem-level requirement development and validation
    • Support of propulsion system activities throughout flight test 
    • Job Description:
    • 3-D CFD analysis for gas turbine engine inlets in multiple embedded configurations
    • Assessing the impact of dynamic and steady inlet distortion on gas turbine engines
    • Educating suppliers, customers, and team members causes of and mitigating designs for inlet distortion
    • Training team members in the design and analysis of inlet distortion
    • Building skills in all areas of the Propulsions Systems team 
    • Position Requirements:
    • Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree.
    • Effective communication and ownership of tasks
    • Experience with steady and dynamic distortion in gas turbine engine inlets
    • Experience with CFD analysis of gas turbine engine inlets
    • Maintain positive working relationships with customers, suppliers, and team members
    • Ability to work effectively as a team member and small team leader
    • A self-starter with excellent written, oral, and PC skills. 
    • Preferred Skills and Capabilities:
    • At least 5-7 years of relevant experience
    • Experience with the product development phase
    • Familiarity with large dataset processing and modeling
    • Familiarity with aerospace standards, recommended practices and informational reports from the SAE S-16 committee for Turbine Engine Inlet Flow Distortion

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